Monday, March 21, 2011

Best And Now I've Read This

So many years ago I saw this play in London called The Woman in Black.  It's a two-man, two act play and it's TERRIFYING.  The entire second act the audience screamed bloody murder.  I know.  You don't believe me.  You don't think a play could be scary, especially a two-man show set on a nearly bare stage.  But trust me, the Woman in Black, it's scary and it's rad.  And I'm saying this as a person who does not enjoy scary things, I don't have that thing inside me that makes people want to watch scary movies.  Paranormal Activity?  Blaire Witch?  No thank you.  The premises of these movies are enough for my imagination

So, anyway, for Christmas my sister Emily gave me the book that The Woman in Black was adapted from, so I read it.  It had a few spooky things in it that weren't in the play (and the play had a twist or two that wasn't in the book) but more than anything, when it reminded me of parts of the play that were totally scary I was kind of transported back to the play and, yeah, a few times I got goose bumps.  A little.  Since I already knew the punchline of the story I don't know how well the book did at delivering a completely spooky experience.  Is anyone willing to read this book and then go see the play?  I think that would really do you in, scary-wise.

Oh.  And now The Woman in Black is going to be a movie, starring Harry Potter.  Coming October 28.  I'd see it.  I will see it.

And it was already a movie back in 1989, too.  Haven't seen that.  But the whole thing seems to be up on YouTube.


English said...

I'll do it. I'll do it for science.

I too dislike being scared. It's too stressful. But for this purpose I would love to read the book and then see the play, and then report on how well the book frighted me comparatively.

Now, oh internet spirits, someone send me the book.

English said...

Hark, what is the meaning of this phantasmic postal visitation!?

Oh paperback spectre, why do you haunt me... an unexpected, overwhelmingly pleasant apparition?

If I read thee will it appease your unrest? I have taken the challenge spirit, I said the internet incantation, and have brought your presence upon myself.

(Thank you Brigham)