Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Best It Appears the Countdown Has Begun

It's funny that I mentioned rereading to Infinite Jest (actually, considering rereading Infinite Jest) in Sunday night's post because I woke up Monday to find the internet bubbling over (more or less) with new David Foster Wallace content.  There is a reason for this: The Pale King, DFW's posthumous megawork, is coming out April 15th (Why that day? Because it's set in an IRS office) so, yeah, it's time for him to be back in the public (or internet) eye again.  (Not that the internet has ever let him stray far from it).

Monday's David Foster Wallace Discoveries:

"Backbone" a new short story appearing in the March 7th New Yorker.  I'm certain this must be an excerpt from the Pale King.  I haven't read it yet but can tell it seems weird.  And why haven't I read it yet?  Because I was listening to . . .

"Endnotes" a BBC radio documentary about his life and work and the Pale King.  Only 45 minutes long, but full of great stuff, interesting interviews.  If you aren't already a DFW fan, at the least this production will make you very curious.  (Above link contains a vimeo embed of the documentary.  Do some googling and you'll probably be able to find an mp3 of it to download)

UPDATE: Except it seems Backbone isn't that new.  DFW can be heard reading from it here, back in 2000. (There's also an interview/conversation with Wallace at that destination, too).

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