Monday, March 28, 2011

Best Falling Short of the Best

Saturday evening I met Carol at Prime Meats in Carroll Gardens to do some research.  I had had lunch their a month or so ago and had schnitzel and pretzels and spatzle and . . . you know, sampling their German dishes as it's sort of a German restaurant.  I found the food to be fine, not extraordinary, and in that sense a bit of a bummer.

But later that day I learned that I heard from a friend that I had really messed up by not having the Prime Meats burger.  A little additional research found some individuals on the internet saying it was better than the famous Black Label Burger at the Minetta Tavern.  So I resolved to return and get it, and Saturday nght that resolution was resolved.

Look at this son of a gun.  Look at that bacon.  

With his hat on it was nearly impossible to know how to eat it.

And my opinion?  Frankly, I don't know if I can properly opine as my burger, ordered medium-rare, arrived completely well-done, gray all the way through, with barely a lick of fat leaking out at my first bite.  This burger is supposed to be made of an incredible blend of fine beefs, but I wouldn't know, cooked as it was flavor was only suggested in the tiniest hints. 

The fries were nice, though.

And another gripe:  The burger is $16.  Without cheese or bacon.  Which are $2 a piece.  So for the full-on burger experience, that's $20.  Add my share of a side of kale (because vegetables are good for you) and dinner was an even $30.  I don't mind $30 for some dinners, but on this occasion, it was definitely too much.

But here's some pros re:Prime Meats.  The restaurant is beautiful, perhaps the most beautiful restaurant I've visited in ages.  Lots of windows, lots of old-world charm, it's almost worth the trip to take a look at it.  And as it is run by the folks at Frankies, I believe there must be something wonderful to eat there.  Perhaps if I return and get the burger rare?  Or ask them to only just barely seer the outside?  Neighboring diners were enjoying the steak frites, which looked very nice, and beef sauerbrauten, which looked amazing.  So I will come back again someday and give the restaurant another shot and hopefully have a meal worthy of the hour long trip from my house to Carroll Gardens.

Additional pluses: The tiny Prime Meats store, around the corner from the restaurant, is a miniature wonderland of provisions, selling everything you could ever need for the recipes from the Frankies cookbook or to have your own Prime Meats dinner at home (they sell burger patties at $6.50 a piece, for example.)

Also, Frankies is just next door and looking real nice for the spring.

A Hamburger Today found the Prime Meats burger to be decent, but too expensive at $13 . . . like I said, it's $16 now.
 AlwaysEating reviews almost everything on the menu, circa 2009.
DudesonFoods love the burger.

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"With his hat on..." You are so funny! hat bacon looked amazing.