Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Best Carol Birthday Party Yet

I've now known Carol for three of her birthdays (and four of her birthday parties) and I have to say, last night's Carol Celebration at Sripraphai was the best one yet.

Hey Carol!  Happy Birthday to you!

I did not take many pictures last night because I was so busy eating.  This was my favorite new thing I had last night.  Okay.  I don't know what it was, but there was like battered and fried greens, Shrimp, another kind of unidentified seafood, and perhaps chicken in it.  I loved it.  I would have eaten it with two hands if I could have.

This is my favorite old thing: Beef Waterfall!

Now here are pictures of people.  I believe the final count of revelers was 23.

You have to shake an iPhone to make the camera work?  Or something?

Chaunte is only pretending.

I told Stacy and Kirsten to be more candid.  This was as candid as they were willing to be.

Loek!  Broek showed up!  (that's an honest typo, I'm keeping it)

Mango sticky rice dessert and mysterious nails.

Too bad you will never solve the mystery of who had the mysterious nails.  Is it weird that I'm hiding my fingers?  Could that be a clue?  Or just a red herring?

Woooo!!  Happy Birthday Carol!

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