Monday, March 07, 2011

Best Sudden Dash to the South

Wednesday night my parents called and asked me if I wanted to meet them in DC.  Uhm, okay.

Boarded a Mega Bus Thursday morning and I was eating Hell Burgers with them for lunch.

I had long been curious about this establishment and it's rapper-named burgers.  I betrayed personal loyalties and picked the spicy-sounding Big Punisher over the mushroom and oniony Big Poppa.

Pretty good onion rings,

And for $5 you get a real $5 shake.  The whole metal cup!  That's the way to do it.

This is Dad.

After lunch we hiked over to Theodore Roosevelt Island and circumnavigated it.  By foot.  So I guess we didn't circumnavigate it at all.

In the middle there's a fine monument to TR.

With some great quotes.  Enlarge, read, learn, grow, improve.

For dinner my folks took me to Oya.  My parents are always taking me to the hippest spots.

Very nice ribs, not a very memorable slaw.

Got the crunchy spicy shrimp, the menu didn't say it was going to be sushi.  I explained all about wasabi and ginger to mom.

My "fish and chips" entree.

It was very designy in there, very big, very loud.  This is the big difference between DC restaurants and NYC restaurants: size of venue.  And also: size of menu.

One thing I've got to say about the DC metro: it is eminently photographable.

On our way home.  No making jokes about who got on the elevator first!

Day Two, here we go!

This is why my parents were in DC: Dad was speaking at the Frontiers in Reproductive Endocrinology Seminar Conference thing.

Seems like a driver you can trust.

Our Scott Key Bridge Marriott.

We had breakfast at the Georgetown Dean & Deluca's.

I didn't go with Dad to the National Gallery because I saw my favorite two paintings on M street.

Instead I went with mom to the National Building Museum.

A great place for a 4th grade field trip.  That's what mom said.

The museum used to be the National Pension building office or something.  We found ourselves sneaking (or not?) into the old Pension President's suite.

Outside it there is this monument to all policemen.

Goodbye, National Building Museum!

We lunched at the CapMac foodtruck Mom had seen on the FoodNetwork.

I wasn't too enthused about it until I heard they topped their mac n cheese with Cheez-Its.  Yes! That's the way to do it!

I spent Friday afternoon working on my Sunday School lesson and stuff at the hotel, but met back up with my folks for dinner at Founding Farmers, another gigantic DC restaurant with a super-long menu.

And indoor clouds.

Very nice cornbread.

Excellent deviled eggs.

Candied bacon lollipops!  Here we go!

Like father,

Like son.

Dad had salmon.

I had, uhm, the fried chicken salad?  I was feeling weighed down by my previous meals!  I went with something "light"!  So sue me!

Mom had the bean soup stew.

Dessert: Beignets.

Carrot cake.

Oh.  Looks like that's all my pictures.

This is what else we did: Watched Unknown Friday night because Adjustment Bureau was sold out and Dad didn't want to see Never Say Never (didn't want to "put his foot in that Bieber-trap" were his words).  And then I left kind of early Saturday morning to get back to New York.  Because I have responsibilities here.  Small ones, but responsibilities nonetheless.

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Kristen said...

You should know that Ellie still insists on naming our baby, "Daddy." I think you are responsible for that. That is a great picture of Mom in her yellow sweater.