Friday, July 17, 2009

Best This Week is Dedicated to Beauty: Design, Internet Fame, and Coincidences

Two of my favorite beauticians (meaning someone who works in the realm of beauty--why, is there another meaning to the word?) are Claire the Architect and Brittany the Interior Designer. As far as I know (and I feel I know pretty far) these two don't know each other at all and I'm hear to talk about some mad coincidences.

Presently, Claire is living in Holland working for a "eating designer." Brittany is in Copenhagen honing her craft. Last week Claire's workplace (and face) were featured in Wallpaper Magazine Online (you'll have to click on the slideshow to see her). Also, last week Brittany began contributing as a foreign correspondent for Design*Sponge (here's one, and another [those are in reverse chronological order]). These two substantial and praiseworthy online conquerings were first made known to me through gchat statuses on the same day at practically the same time. That's out of the ordinary, isn't it? Can you imagine how I felt with all these coincidences raining down on me? It was crazy.

Anyhow, a public bravo to both of them. Perhaps their internet accomplishment and Euro-proximity shall yield a new friendship? Or, more excitingly, a terrible and bitter archrivalry? Time will tell!

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miss b said...

I vote new friendship. Hi Holland from Copenhagen! Thanks for playing Editor B! Couldn't have done it without you. Your thank you gift is on it's way. Wait for it.