Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Best Long-Awaited Totally Awesome Party

So yes, like I was saying, Saturday night Carol had her Tom Cruise Party. Why "Tom Cruise" of all the themes to pick? It's a little out there, right? Why not a robot party? Answer is simple, it's because Tom Cruise lived in Carol's very apartment in the 80's. Seriously.

When I got there her apartment had already been converted to the Scientology Celebrity Center for the evening.

But the party was not yet full-blast, some folks were just having dinner, others watching Top Gun.

But give it 45 minutes and the costumes come out. Carol as a...wait, just now I don't know what Carol was going for, I assume a Last Samurai geisha? That must have been the idea. Collin was a Risky Business Tom Cruise.

Di's Wide Shut.

Me, I was Nazi Tom Cruise from Valkyrie.

Grace was Keri Russell in Mission: Impossible III. Maybe you should click here to understand how spot on her get up was.

Dave: Goose. I've never really seen Top Gun. Or any Tom Cruise movie. In fact, I think I've only seen him in the Mission: Impossibles and Minority Report.

Jeff was a Rain Man.

Helen, the Unicorn from Legend.

Hillary a Suri Cruise.

And here's the winner: Lexia as the Top Gun girl. Perfect.

How about another one, just to drive the point home?

Collin kept trying to feed Tom all night.

Jared showed up as Goose, too. Great uniform, right?

Turns out HE DREW THE WHOLE THING ON. Wow. So maybe it's a battle between Lexia and Jared for best costume?

Reghan: Girl from Cocktail.

Chris: Outsider.

Emily: The Outsiders girl.

Ashley: A Magnolia.

Nick: Also an Outsider.

And now we party and dance. Who's Jeff? He's Joe, from Joe vs. the Volcano. Jeff misunderstood, he thought it was a Tom Hanks party.

Chateau: Cocktail Tom Cruise.

Lexia: Hair + Ray Bans problems.

Mindy: Katie Holmes.

Maria and Katie: Pretty sure they were just chillin'.

Like Jamar.

Kim was the girl in Jerry Maguire.

A highlight, as mentioned: Droppin' Old Time Rock n Roll for the various Risky Toms. I had no idea Abby was at the party until this song played and I think she vanished when it was over...or maybe the song just summoned her out of thin air? Who knows.

Adam: Couch-jumping Tom Cruise.

Amber: Also a Suri.

Hostess, happy, because she's got a totally excellent party.

Then getting serenaded with a little "You Lost that Loving Feeling" a la Top Gun (apparently.)

Ty: Mission: Impossible T. Cruise. Hilarious.

It seems there's a scene in Rain Man where Tom teaches Dustin to dance?

No dancing lessons necessary.

Jamar was just chillin and keeping it low key all night so I had to play something to bring him out.

And that's why I played Single Ladies.

Suvi, also enthusiastic for the dancefloor.

Collin and Jared fly into the Danger Zone.

Apparently marker runs when it gets wet? Or soaked?

Well into the night, Amber teaches some Brazilian dance steps.

It's for the song about the stolen scooter.

And finally, a knee slide.

Totally excellent party. Can't wait for the Hootie and the Blowfish gathering in the fall (Because, yes, Hootie [and I know that's not his name] lived in Carol's house in the 90's. Deal with it.)


Anonymous said...

I love you.


the hostess

Cindy said...

That eyepatch suits you. I am jealous of this party.

Robert said...

Wow. Looks like you had a good time there!

sarah said...

I love reading about these parties.

Abby Rose said...

I have my Disappearing Act down to an Art. Although, with this particular party I did want to stay longer. I was just with an anxious friend.

You were a glorious DJ Mr. Barnes. :)

bex said...

My friends just moved into the apt where the 4 Non Blondes wrote their hit "What's Up." I would encourage them to throw an excellent tribute party such as this ... but what do you do with a one hit wonder band? Everyone will come dressed exactly the same, and that song playing on repeat all night will probably get old fast.

(that's right. i said probably.)

Collin Mapp said...

Man, Grace was so good that I thought she really had a black eye! I thought, "Darn that Dave! Why doesn't he pick on someone his own size!"

Yeah, it is difficult to give a best costume to this fine bunch of Toms. But we must. I say Jared. I mean...Look at him!!! Not only a creative approach to costuming but look at the dignity and accuracy he brought to Goose! Runner-ups - Definitely Lexia. YES! She was an awesome Kelly McGillis. Yeow!

But also - shout outs to Chris Romney as an Outsider. He looked so tough! And, of course, Hillary as Suri. I was convinced. I just wanted to go tuck her in and read her a bedtime story.

But really, everyone was awesome! Good work!

Collin Mapp said...

WAIT! One more thing!

Helen's depiction of a unicorn was a Tour de Force! I was just happy to see someone representing Legend!

Which reminds me...I can't believe there weren't any Icemans! (Jeff Hoffman bringing the icetray doesn't count.)

Great party! Thanks be to Carol and thanks be to Tom Cruise!

Lexia said...

My hair is still fried from all the teasing, curling, and hair spray involved; but it was worth it.

Meg said...

My sister was at this party! I think I see her in one of the pictures, in fact! Crazy.