Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Best Tales of a Two Day Weekend pt.1: Last Week Brooklyn Adventure #2

This weekend something remarkable happened: We weren't allowed to go into work on Saturday (because of construction in the office) and we had to go home at 5 on Friday (because of construction on Friday). This meant I had a two day weekend! My first in ages! (Not counting last week when I was in Chicago, that is)

So I did something not done for so long: I went out on a Friday night and I stayed out late on a Friday night. And it all happened in Brooklyn.

I met Carol and Hillary for pizza at Franny's in Park Slope. It was an excellent wood oven pizza establishment, contemporary hip pizza after the notion of the traditional Italian tradition.

We sat outside informally in the back, there was a snail by our table.

Post dinner we walked over to a spot on the very edge of the Parkslope/Red Hook divide for an evening of Tribute Bands. We caught the last song of the Radiohead cover band and the entirety of the Caucasian Morrissey tribute act.

Here's something I haven't been 100% clear about but I've been trying to make known: I bought a new camera a couple of weeks ago, a Leica M8. Here it is being Jimmy Olsen'd by Hillary. What a beauty. (And Hillary's not bad either)

The club was a place to test the limits of it's high ISO/large aperture capabilities. (My camera doesn't have a flash, that's one of its fancy features)

Those in attendance, minus Nick: Abby, Chateau, Carol MyselfCarolHillary, Damien.

Show ended, we hit the streets wary of figurative threats.


I got these for you.

Pouting on the streets of Brooklyn.

Up in the Bodega frowns turn upside down.

Do you ever get the feeling you're being watched?

And who watches the Watchmen?

And here is the previously not pictured Nick.

Out on the street: a bear claw.

When I got back to Manhattan I dawdled home photographing at windows (here find just one example)...

...this lead to the making of a new friend. What a full night!

I wish to bring charges against blogger for squeezing a lot of the beauty from these photos. If you come over I'll show them to you on my computer, they're much better that way.


laura said...

jealous of the new camera. congrats.

Abby Rose said...

I officially have a crush on your German camera.
Did you give him a name?

Brigham said...

It goes by "New Camera." For now. Down the line he could wind up named Lucille. After the Bluth. Or the guitar.