Monday, July 20, 2009

Best I Was Just at Home and Look at What Happened

Hey everyone, this isn't a style/design blog anymore. It's a pictures of kids blog. Deal with it.

Spent the weekend at home in Chicago, the occasion? Greg's Mission Farewell.

Saturday morning, breakfast was happening in the nook.

Interrupted suddenly by a caterpillar sighting. Investigation was a must.

This one is Ellie.

This one is Rachel. She has a lamb.

Here's an old family game, it's called Rock n Roll. It got invented after I was too big, see if you can figure out how it's played.

Breakfast had, most of us headed for the park at my old gradeschool. This is Kristen. She is my sister.


This one is Blake.

This is Cory, he's really doing the monkey bars here.

And this is Owen doing a real pull-up. Or chin-up. You tell me.

And here's me really balancing.

This is Grandma Taylor a.k.a. "California Grandma"

Rachel, swinging.

Rachel, hanging.

Edwards assembled.

Mother again.
Oh it's me again.

Cory looks like he watches Friday Night Lights but actually he's never even seen it.

This is me saying "Not a single episode?"

Kristen is a Mom so she looks worried all the time.

"Don't worry, Kristen. Let's pose for a nice picture together instead."

"No, actually I think I'd rather worry."

Here comes Dad.

Pooped. Not really, thanks to Nordic-Track.

While we were all sitting under the trees way over on the other side of the park this was really happening. Owen didn't get a lot of one on one time as a child so now Mom tries real hard to make it up to him.
Grandma and Emily. Finally, a picture of Emily.

Little bit later we headed down to the place that we go to.

Here's 12 people ready to absolutely wreck a Mexican restaurant.

Don't worry, I was in a group shot too.

And finally, risen from his slumber, the man of the hour, the man of the weekend, Brother Gregory.

Getting down to business. Also please note that by now Grandma Barnes (a.k.a. "Utah Grandma") has appeared.

We spend a lot of time reading the menu every time we go to Las Fuentes but it's all an act, it isn't like we don't know exactly what we're getting.

This visit: 6 plates of nachos, at least.

I like this one, she was the one at the other end of the table yelling "More nachos please!" Come to New York again, okay?

The everybody.

See, I was there.

Something curious: a Hummer with 3 pigeons on it. From a distance it looked like they were inside it.

And Saturday night: the Fare Thee Well Party.

As mandated by tradition, the Missionary Farewell PiƱata. Sure he's going to Argentina, sure Owen went to Spain. This is just how we do.

Murder complete.

And look at this, New Yorkers: some Mulcocks rolled up. They're getting tight with my parents, a little too tight. I need to raise my profile, I'm moving up to twice weekly phonecalls home.

And Dear Family: You thought Grandma and I had left for the hotel but really, you were being spied on.

Next: What Happened on Sunday? Soon you'll know.


Collin Mapp said...

Lovely pictures. (I think Jeff M. looks like the 80's Tom Hanks. Cute.)

Bek said...

you look good when you balance.

Side of Jeffrey said...

80s tom hanks I wish! That would mean I'd be in Big and would have an amazing loft apartment in NYC (I get to be on top).

Kristen said...

OK. I am convinced. I want a Leica. I hope that it is OK that I am going to use some of your pics on my blog.