Thursday, July 30, 2009

Best Tales of a Two Day Weekend pt.3: Pie Night! (and not a single picture of pie)

Sunday night. Sunday night Carol had a pie night. I got there a little later than usual expecting to find a dozen people sitting on the floor, talking and eating pie. Nope. I show up and it's a total major gathering. Word.

Before getting too deep into things, I have to take care of two dedications.

This post is dedicated to Dave for teaching me about sRGB.

And there's a secondary dedication to the IR filter on its way here from Germany that will get rid of the purpley hue that pervades these pictures.

Okay, let's get busy. Most of these pictures were not taken to me. Pie night was my new camera's first major social outing and I happily let it free amongst trusted partygoers. Many of these pictures were taken by Lexia, later on they're taken by Hillary, after that Ben. In between? Other people.

And you know what? Forget captions. These are people, people having pie. Without any pictures of pie. Deal with it. If you don't know who Carol is by now, you never will. And if you don't know who that one dude is, it's okay, I don't either.

Funny how the last 8 are framed just about exactly the same, huh?

After this my weekend ended. That's what happens. Can you even believe it's July 30th?

And maybe I shouldn't have fixed the white balance?


Scrumpestuous D said...

You might want to read the conclusions of this review. I sounds like an update to your firmware and some free filters (no idea how to claim them) will solve a lot of your purple problems. Also, a further update from the one the review mentions adds an Auto ISO setting and support for SD cards up to 32GB.

Brigham said...

My firmware is updated, the filters are on their way. The auto ISO is a little tricky since it leaves the user to set the parameters of the ISO's automatic adjustments. Something to learn, always!

Scrumpestuous D said...

I realized after the fact, when you said the filter was coming from Germany, that you probably already knew all of that.

That's how my Auto ISO works as well, not that I use it much. At least it gives you control of how much leeway it takes.

mimi said...

good, clean fun was had by all. who took the pics? great ones.