Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Best a Plug for the Underdog

I finished filling another Moleskine the other week, actually, I set a new record for Moleskine filling: 3/15/09-6/29/09, RIP. Put it up on the shelf and it was time for a new notebook, and I did something different and daring. I bought one of these:

It's a Leuchtturm notebook, probably world famous somewhere else in the world, but to me, new and unknown. Why did I buy Leuchtturm? Curiosity over several potential advantages to the notebook. They are:
  • Includes the little bookmark (which actually I always try to rip out as I just use the elastic band for a bookmark) of a Moleskine as well as the little pocket in the back, so right off the bat you're not missing anything essential to the small, booklike notebook experience.
  • Approximately 1/2" taller than a comparable Moleskine.
  • Numbered Pages. BIG selling point.
  • Space for date at top of page.
  • Table of Contents: may prove useless to me, but I have begun to fill out.
  • Perforated Pages in the back. A feature to some, but not all (likesay, the ones I've been using) Moleskins.
  • The paper stock strikes me as being whiter than a Moleskines. Could not be true, though.
  • Surprise Super Bonus Feature: Includes stickers to date and label the notebook when you're done and it's time to archive the little guy. Very good move here, Leuchtturm. I had been wanting to find little labels for my Moleskine spines.
  • Also: $3 cheaper than a Moleskine.
For me, it all adds up to: Worth a shot if you're the Moleskine sort.


Ali said...

except it doesn't have my notes and small sketches...

Meike said...

just in case you were wondering.. "Leuchtturm" means lighthouse in english. And it is a north german brand..kinda close to my home..