Thursday, July 23, 2009

Best I Make Lists and Lists and Lists

Because it helps pass the time and work out my brain.
I've been tabulating how many times I've been to the restaurants I've been to in New York during the nearly 6 years I've lived here.

The Unofficial Results:

Sea (Brooklyn): 4 times
BRGR: 5 times
Stand: 3 times
La Tuna: 8 times
Spice: 9 times
Lure: 7 times
Dumont: 11 or 12 times
La Casa de los Tacos: 20 times that I remember distinctly, could be more
Momofuku Noodle Bar: 15 times.
Momofuku Ssam Bar: 19 times.
Momofuku Milk Bar: at least 14 times.
Peep: 19 times.
Nook: 3 times.
Five Points: 9 times.
Paquitos: 12 times.
That Mexican Place on University: 3 times.
Burger Joint: 14 times.
Shake Shack UWS: 3 times.
Shake Shack, Madison Square Park: Absolutely uncountable. At least 15 times.
Freeman's: 4 times.
Schiller's Liquor Bar: 4 times.
Nobu: twice.
Dressler: twice.
Eldridge Street Dumpling House: At least 11 times.
Grand Schezuan (St. Marks): 4 times.
Todai Buffet: 3 times.
Shiki Sushi: twice.
Bonita: 3 times.
Tequila's: 5 times.
La Esquina: 5 times.
Cafe Habana: 8 times.
Blue 9 Burger: 4, maybe 5.
Okama Sushi: 5 times.
Joe Jr.'s Diner: 8 times.
Bao: 3 times.
Banh Mi Place on Broome: 6 times.
Waverly Diner: twice.
Galanga: 7 times.
Westside Sushi: 7 times.
Goodburger: 4, maybe 5.

Next Up: McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's and Taco Bell.


Bek said...

I've been considering a trip out there for the Burger Joint alone.

Brigham said...

Please, help me add another check.
(I just put one down two nights ago, by the way)

Dad said...

I know everyone is into pork and raw fish these days, but don't forget Peter Luger's, the best steak I'ver ever eaten. And the waiters are older and grumpier than at the old Berghoff.

Brigham said...

Oh I don't forget Peter Luger's and I hold it above nearly all other meals I've had here. What I thought I said in the post that I didn't say is that this is a list of restaurants I've been to more than once.

Should I add the one visits? Maybe that'll be another list.

Side of Jeffrey said...

How many 0's are in a billion trillion gajillion? That is my Taco Bell and BK tally. I cant think of 2 distinct BK trips you and I took (34th and downtown).

Hapi said...

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