Monday, June 23, 2008

Best We Are Headed for a Trend

Working certainly has limited my ability to blog, but it has also introduced a more regimented nature to Steady Mobbin'. For instance, it now seems near certain that each Tuesday will bring another addition to the Best Recommended Reading series and now, look at this! For the second Monday in a row I've posted a music video with a girl on a bicycle and mysterious nightthings!

M83 - Don't Save Us from the Flames

Thinking about "What's a Girl to Do?" this week reminded me of this video and how much I liked it and probably part of the reason I like "What's a Girl to Do" so much is because of how it reminds me of this's a vicious circle of liking.

Now, a call to the Anonymouses: Who is the girl in this video? She's somebody. She's in a band (uhh...too bad I don't know which one, but it's an all girl band and it's not the Like and come to think of it it might not be an ALL girl band) and she used to turn up on thecobrasnake pretty often (she might still but I'm less of a frequenter to that website these days).

Anyway, Happy Monday and hope you like the video. Doesn't it seem a lot longer than three minutes twelve seconds? So much happens.

Might be hard to find another girl on a bicycle video for next week, might have to drop the requirement that the video feature nightthings.


Ms. White said...

i like reading/viewing/listening to your blog! Thanks for sharing!

JayMoo and Stephoin said...

Brig - what are your thoughts on M83? I like, but for some reason I always turn the music off after about 20 minutes. Why is that? I think I am liking it as I listen, but then I turn it off. What gives?

Brig said...

M83 wears me out too, like listening to three Explosions in the Sky albums in a row. Imagine seeing them live! Oh wait, I did. In the the early afternoon at Lollapalooza 2005. Not the ideal M83 situation.

The Youngest Barnes Brother(Gregory) said...

Jaymoo/Brigham, if I may join this conversation...
I used to love M83 and claim they were my second favorite band butI have realized my true love is their album Before The Dawn Heals Us (which this song is off of). Anyway they are super fun repetitive yes but when I listen to them I cant help but like feel like I am on a rainbow cloud speeding through space just before the whole universe explodes...which is a fun feeling that I can listen to for hours; sorry for the lack of endurance.