Monday, June 02, 2008

Best Sandwich Possible

The Sabbath Keeper remains controversial, but behold my Friday night creation!

It was like a banh mi of sorts featuring steak cooked in a soy/ginger pan sauce on a baguette with cilantro/jalepeƱo mayonnaise and plenty of Sriracha hot sauce (don't worry, I kept putting more on)

If this sandwich were a song by Led Zeppelin it would be the Immigrant Song.

PS: Something I learned this week: If you go to the Asian supermarket on 32nd street with a short list of slightly hard-to-find Asian ingredients you're looking for, prepare for absolute humiliation because the place is cramped and crowded and next to nothing is in English. BUT also be prepared to discover tempting offers on pork shoulder and pork belly that fill your head with notions of recipes far beyond your grasp...or are they?


JayMoo and Stephoin said...

are you bringing these to work now? Is this why you have no time for Pampano or TB anymore? I wouldn't blame you.

amanda said...

if i would've been with you i could have helped you. i have noticed your lack of asian friends lately.

Cindy said...

You made that? you're a genius!

Brig said...

Jeff, I was just thinking about how we haven't been in touch on tacos. Big mistake by me, if it was my fault.

Amanda, Okay, this is what we need to find: ssamjang soybean paste, Tiparos brand fish sauce (I couldn't find any of the fish sauce, that's how confusing the grocery store was), roast pork seasoning mix, and shimichi togarashi.

Cindy, Exactly.