Thursday, June 26, 2008

Best Just Some Things I Want to Show You

One: This is the cat that lives in the window of a plant shop on 6th Avenue in the high twenties. He's been there for at least a couple of years. Usually he's just chillin like this in the window. It's not a normal plant store where he lives, more like a store that has been overrun by plants. If this picture weren't so all cat/no store then maybe my point would be clearer.

Two: There is a new piece of art temporarily residing at Rockefeller Center and it is called "What My Daddy Gave Me" by Chris Burden and it is a 65 foot tall erector set tower. And this is the real deal 1950's metal erector stuff, extremely imposing and impressive. So delicate yet so sturdy. I wonder why it doesn't collapse under its on weight? Probably some infrastructure tricks. Also, I wonder how much it weighs.

Three: After admiring the tower I passed through Rockefeller Center and saw this gathering of real estate people congratulating each other on being so awesome down in the area that's the ice rink during the winter. Are you ready to see a LOT of lobster?

Then check this out! (you're going to have to click)

Four: Walking down 86th Street last week I saw the most beautiful thing that there is to see in the world: A new taco truck! And just blocks from the stake center?! I could not resist investigating! One taco al pastor, please!

Oh no. Oh dear. Taco Truck dreams dashed. Can you spot at least 4 things wrong with this taco al pastor? I mean, can you spot 4 things that I would consider wrong with this taco?

Five: This is me in a hat.

Six: 116th Street by Dusk.

Seven: 116th Street by night.

Eight: This is Lucifer, the superhero Ace invented. His powers are that he's a foot taller than the Hulk, he breaths fire, has horns, and kills people. His weakness is that after he defeats the Hulk, he dies.

Nine: Pop Quiz! (possibly easier than the taco question) Do you think I went into this store to have a look around?

Ten: This is a cheeseburger I made last week. It's a blue cheese cheeseburger that I made by mixing the blue cheese in with the meat before frying. Then I topped it with more cheese and some bacon (not pictured) and then soaked the bun with hot wing sauce. Served it with a side of frogs on a logs. Success!

Eleven: New York is so awesome because it's just a big neighborhood.


Cindy said...

I love blue cheese cheeseburgers.

Scrumpestuous D said...

Tomatoes, lettuce, green salsa, too large. Oh, and the pineapple is maybe too large for my personal tastes. This is beginning to feel a little like hidden pictures in Highlights magazine.

Broek said...

Here are the things I see as wrong with the taco picture...
1. Broek's not eating them with you.
2. You're not in Mexico City.
3. Cilantro
4. What? No limes?

Oh, and what scrumpestuous d said...swap pineapple (or mango? is that mango?)for green salsa.

Collin Mapp said...

I thought maybe one of the four was that I wasn't there. But maybe I'm just being selfish.

Brig said...

Dave is my taco brother. 100% correct on all counts. Except now I'm pretty much giving free passes on "too large" because it's just an impossible hope to get a little taco in this country. Pineapple was too big and too abundant and too fresh and juicy for me.

Broek and Collin raise valid points, though.

There were limes, somewhere. And I'm down with cilantro.

Funny thing is, Dave, I had tacos on Coney Island last week that had lettuce on them but I think because I ate them so close to the ocean it seemed totally forgivable and really quite excellent. There are exceptions, but they are rare and due to factors beyond the control of the taquero and the taco fiend.

Scrumpestuous D said...

Funny thing that ocean. I'd take cabbage on my fish tacos any day of the week. Somehow water favors the leafy greens. And I'm pretty sure you can just barely make out the edge of a lime in the upper right part of the plate.