Friday, June 13, 2008

Best Another Great Saturday

Well, I had another great Saturday. Again.

Started off by shopping for vintage dresses with Mackenzie and Amanda.

This dress (the one on the left, if there was any confusion) reminded me of what I remember all my aunts (except for I guess that would just be Diane and Teresa) wearing when I was a little kid. This is totally an 80's young aunt dress. Maybe my cousins remember my mom wearing something like it?

Then I saw this great Alfa Romeo. I guess Saturday started off very femininely, but don't worry, it's going to get very masculine.

And then I did something really great, I had Momofuku for the second time that week! What a masculine thing to do! I took Collin to initiate him and Kirsten and Lexia came, too. So I guess I could have said that I took Collin, Kirsten, and Lexia to Momofuku. That's another way of looking at it.

Collin was very wise and ordered the pork bowl. A magnificent initiation.

I had their banh mi for the first time. It is described as being a three terrine banh mi. I decided to not think too much about what sorts of terrine were being used in my sandwich and to just enjoy it. It was delicious! Now I don't care what sort of terrine it might have been.


Sometimes I wear the sunglasses that Andrew gave to me. And shorts. Sometimes I wear shorts.

One more.

Oh, if you were wondering how hot it was on Saturday, the answer is: "Very." But not nearly as hot as it eventually got on Monday or Tuesday. Those days I remember as being the hottest.

After lunch I did something rather intelligent, I respectfully passed on an invitation to see the Adam Sandler Zohan movie and instead went to the Transit Museum in Brooklyn to learn about bridges, tunnels, buses, and trains. It's in an old subway station! How excellent is that?

This was one of the first signs in the exhibit. It is an interesting story about a tunnel mishap, you should click on it and read it.

And you know who met us at the museum? Jared and Rebecca, who's in town visiting (still!)!

Rebecca had never met Collin before so their introduction had to be special.

Yes, "Blammo!"

Amber, look! It's one of those measurers like you have!

Their was a simulator where you could learn what it was like to have a wheelbarrow of rocks you were in charge of pushing. The rocks weren't bolted down and could be taken from the wheelbarrows. And returned to them, as well!

Always making new friends.

Experiencing the life of a tunnel digger.

It took some coaxing, but I eventually got Edith to go to the Peach Tree Dance with me.

Of course the one thing at the museum that absolutely screamed "Touch Me!" was off limits for touching.

Hmmm, maybe we can trace the MTA's constant budget woes back to the fact that they use totally fake money?

We then descended to the Museum's second best area, the lower level where they had every kind of subway car ever used! (What was the best area? I didn't take pictures of it, but they had all the different turnstiles they've used for the Subway and you could try them all out. Very fun.)

Basically we totally disrespected all the old train cars. But don't worry, we eventually got in trouble and our acrobatic rampage came to an end.

For the moving version of this picture, you've got to head over to Rebecca's new blog.

The full force of this photo is also featured on Rebecca's new blog, better click that link from a few pictures up.

This is what it looks like inside the money train. It looks like school.

Wish it weren't 1 AM so I could think of a good fake caption for this picture, probably something about the guy saying "What? What? You want another one, punk?"

Kids and their danger shoes these days.

Keepin' it totally skullset after the museum.

Collin before and after the joke I made.

SPECIAL BONUS CONTENT! Since it took me so long to get Saturday blogged, I'm throwing Monday Night in for free.

Monday Night was a Special Night because we held a Taco Home Evening at La Casa!


Chomp Chomp Chomp!

At Taco Home Evening we had so many La Casa first-timers, here Dave helps explain the trough to Mike. We were so proud of Mike for not putting the wrong salsa on his taco al pastor!

End of the table: Nothing but happy, taco (or torta)-gobblin' noobs!

And now we can all go to bed.


Nerak said...

I'm liking the shades.

Ali said...

Liz and I feel left out. But we love you.

Rebekah said...

i should be on this coast with you. we would hang out upside down on subways all the time together. no joke.