Sunday, June 22, 2008

Best Friday Evening Outing

This Friday night, not the Friday night last week or the Friday night two weeks ago but THIS Friday night, the one that just happened, I went to Prospect Park with some good people to hear the Met's only free park concert of the summer (usually there's a few—this year, just one).

What good people did I go with?

Good people like Stephanie and Kirsten

And Holly

It was a bit of a walk through the park to the performance spot

But once we got to the spot there was no wondering if you were in the wrong place. Very good members of our party showed up hours early to get us a good little spot on the lawn.

That night Roberto Alagna and Angela Gheorghiu sang. They're married and I was told they were famous. Tonight I talked with my dad and asked about the pair to get a better sense of their legitimacy, Dad said "Well, they're definitely one of the most famous married couples in Opera" (I paraphrase). To my ears, they were fine...and I speak not as a guy who had been dragged against his will to hear these people, I speak as a guy who has been to probably a dozen operas. So perhaps I'm gaining a tiny bit of a sense of what's hot and what's not? Maybe. They mostly sang stuff that I didn't recognize from Operas I hadn't heard of, but for the encore they sang all of the big pop hits of the Opera, you know, Nessun Dorma and whatnot.


More good people:

Craig and the bag of Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches.

Talmadge (at first I had written "My boy Talmadge" but decided it wasn't dignified enough for him or for our relationship)

Amber and Brian.

This is Sean. Sean was the mastermind of the activity and organized it with a militaristic level of planning and preparation (and I say that as a compliment and in seriousness, if you were wondering. Sean gets jobs done, that's the sense I'm getting. If I were interviewing, he'd be hired.)

Stephanie and Kirsten. Kirsten is talking to Collin. On my phone. Since you were wondering.

Amber and Anna, post-nightfall.

Stephanie, Heather, Me, Darkness.

There were more good people than that, but you know how it can be with getting pictures of everyone.

And if you were thinking that these pictures looked a little different from usual, Good Job. I took them with my little Sony camera that I won last year because I wanted something that would fit better in my pocket than my other camera. My pants had small pockets that night.


Collin Mapp said...

I'm honored to have made the blog.

Rebekah said...

what is colin talking about? he's always on yor blog! it makes me jealous. i'm serious.

Cory, Jenna and Calvin Broadbent said...

I like your sunglasses.