Saturday, June 07, 2008

Best this Was Last Weekend

...not the one that's happening as we speak, okay?

What a weekend it was! Friday I made that sandwich that I blogged about and just thought about it all night. But Saturday and Sunday, they were busy days, busy days full of joy.

Saturday afternoon we ate at La Casa. Collin explained something brilliant to Kim.

I thought brilliant thoughts.

And Ali thought her Mexican breakfast was brilliant, right?

These were my tacos and my tostada.

The sight of Collin's torta put him in a squealing fit.

As we waited out the rainstorms I sent Ali to find out what song was playing on the jukebox. It sounded like Mexican Iron Maiden.

Saturday evening Emily threw a great barbecue. I grabbed the bull by the horns and went out and got the grill lit because it wasn't going to light itself. Then I grilled up a flank steak I had been marinating all day while Ali and Collin crafted our guacamole. Do you want to see pictures of our tacos and our guacamole? Then please go to Ali's Blog. Do it!

I think we're all used to fellows sitting, playing video games with their eyes glazed over and jaws slack. At Emily's party, it was the girls' turn. Go MarioKart!

Jessica & Abby.

Walking up the street after the party Collin found a log in the gutter. Not his usual stick, but a total log. It put him in a rampaging mood.



Sunday was Jared's party and we had a party for him. Even though he was the guest, he couldn't help but put his catering experience to work and serve all those around him.

Collin was a little uncouth with the ladies.

Jeff was, I don't know, sort of the Scarlett O'Hara of the party? You know, like Scarlett with all her suitors sitting around her? You know? Come on, work with me here.

Abby & Jared.

Collin loves birthdays cuz Collin loves making his buddies cakes. This was a cake worthy of Mordor.

The presentation...

Right before Jared devoured the candle. Really.

One thing we learned that weekend was what a great worker and team-player Ali is.

Hey-there, Hi-there, Ho-there, Chaunte's happy as can be!

I guess word got out on the party because we had some real UWS superstars show up (Holly, Tracy, Cassie).

If you think Jared's birthday balloons look a lot like Tracy's birthday balloons then I think you're a crackhead.


Travis and Ellie give Reghan their full attention, Reghan gives Brooke her full tension.

Kelly and Angelique take a guess at Jared's age. He told them he was real old, so they guessed 27.

What this picture does not convey at all is that Jared and Mike put on the greatest Guitar Hero performance show that 15B has ever seen.

Robert Palmer girls?

Genevieve, Mike and Rebecca.

Over on that side of the room they were talking about hamburgers. Always with the hamburgers!

And that was the weekend that happened before this one. I've done a lot today, I wrote this during the special chill-time that separates Saturday day activities from Saturday night activities.

Ok, bye.

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mike a. said...

I was pretty sure i was at Jared's b-day party, but after seeing the myriad photos with no mike, i started to doubt the accuracy of my memory. but then i saw my razor scooter in the background of one of the photos.