Sunday, July 23, 2006

Best Brother Sister Bonding

The Nachos Aztecas at Las Fuentes have been bringing members of the Barnes family together for years and years and years. Las Fuentes is like the most important restaurant to the us in all of Chicago. It has appeared on Steady Mobbin' many times before, twice in fact (here and here).

I had the flautas. Some people might give flautas and taquitos the thumbs down as tbeing for babies when it comes to Mexican food, and to them I say "Keep your thumbs pointed down while I grab all your flautas and taquitos!"

Emily had the burritos suizos . . . when the waitress asked Emily if she meant the burritos suizos (which are three "little" burritos) or the burrito suizo grande (which would be a single, large burrito) I suggested to Emily that she order a big burrito with three little burritos inside of it.

I suppose this would be the fuente after which Las Fuentes gets its name. It rained real hard while we were having dinner.

Crossing the expressway.

Before getting home Emily and I went to the grocery store to get food to cook tomorrow (I'm making my parents their anniversary dinner and they don't even know it! shhhh, they're getting tacos!) Just the produce section at the River Forest Dominick's is bigger than any of the three grocery stores that are by my apartment in New York. My mind was blown!

And Emily was like, "No big deal, this is small compared to the produce sections I'm used to."

Also, River Forest Dominick's lives in the future, you can buy your groceries there with your fingerprint! WHat?!?!

If you ever have some face painting that needs to be done, I know a piece of paper at a grocery store you should have a look at.

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Christinaki said...

sitting in my hostal in Lima and recovering from a stomach bug that has left me craving comfort food, I had one look at the picture of your mexican food and had to close my eyes before my mouth started watering. on top of that, I watched the movie "Selena" yesterday, and it made me start thinking of Mexican food. The tacos and burritos here that they attribute to Mexico are made of something that resembles a French crepe, and they put little french fry chips on top of it. It's just not quite the same, even though the chef of the last Mexican place we inquired in got mad and practically kicked us out for suggesting his food was not authentic. He said they are no longer eating corn tortillas in Mexico.