Thursday, July 27, 2006

Best New Ex-SNLer Trailer

Mr. Ferrell: Less Ricky Bobby more Stranger Than Fiction, please.

Oh, you didn't feel like clicking on the Stranger Than Fiction link? What, you didn't want to see Buster Bluth in a movie?

Wait . . . I was watching the trailer while composing this post . . . it tapers off at the very end.


Cindy said...

That looks funny, but not as funny as this: ha!

I hope I made that link right.

Lexia said...

A few days ago I wrote an autobiographical short story about hearing voices in my head. I'll be putting it on my blog in August.

Congratulations on finishing the bar! It doesn't really matter if you did well or not -- it's nice to know you just tried something big.

Cache said...

uh, i think lexia is wrong. it totally matters, but... hey last night i read cat's cradle and then i kissed it and slept with it in my arms. Um. new favorite book. thank you

Lexia said...

It doesn't matter if you don't want to be a lawyer.