Sunday, July 23, 2006

Best Prediction, the Supplement

Will there be 90's nostalgia ska parties? Maybe, I can see it happening . . . but please, only if it's 90's 1st and 2nd wave nostalgia nostalgia. But mostly, I'd like to dare anyone to tell me that "One Step Beyond" won't always be the joint. If I were a dj, I would have played that song tonight at the popular imaginary danceparty that I dj, in my brain.

Also, later next week I'm going to start blogging about how I liked things that are popular now before everyone else did. It's going to be awesome!


English said...

I was just having this conversation the other day, trying to pinpoint how many years before ska makes its way back around in popularity.

I see two schools of thought:

1. It's only a matter of time, even though they won't admit it out right, the eighties have been back for awhile. Tapers, leg warmers, tights, long belted shirts. Check the American Apperal website if you start to argue with me.

2. It won't come back fully fledged. It will appear backhandedly. An underlying "ska" influence prevading other genres. An upstroke here, and a "pick it up, pick it up, pick it uuup" there. It will probably sound like the Police and be hearlded as some really "next %$#@."

Broek said...

Seeing as how girl's clothes are getting suspenders back in heavy...I can see a ska come back being a part of that.

Brig said...

If ska does come back I hope everyone is a lot calmer about it than 11 years ago--for example, no more "Ska for Life" tattoos or 4 day Ska Patrick's Day festivals, okay?

Only two days ago did I think to myself "Wait . . . are suspenders in in for girls right now?", thanks for the confirmation, Broeky.

emily said...

dudes, you're so behind the curve. paris hilton's single "stars are blind" is totally ska. you should turn on the hits station more often.