Friday, July 21, 2006

Best Prediction

I had to get this onto the internet before it became a fad and swept the nation.

So people have been loving the 80's since the mid-90's now, and we're officially totally in the mid-00's, so 90's love is on the rise (consider this super-hot trailer for the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, if you will) and I have a prediction to make:

Rave-themed 90's Parties shall become the new Prom-themed 80's Party.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled.

The Rave party will be a little tricky as putting together a rave playlist would be considerably more difficult than burning a Cheesey 80's Mix. "Energy Flash" and "O Fortuna" don't exactly have touch hearts like "If You Leave" or "The Promise" but I think people's willingness to adopt some nostalgia will win out.


ian said...

Enigma's "Gravity of Love" would work though, as they sample "O Fortuna."

Also, I saw that trailer yesterday and I honestly enjoyed it more than "Superman Returns" and "X-Men 3" combined.

Cache said...

ian, i totally agree! i'm serious

Tannerama said...
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Tannerama said...

I really like how the one turtle jumps off the FRICKIN' BACK of the other turtle. I thought that this movie was going to be lame... but if the action is as awesome as it is in the trailer... well then, it will totally bodacious.

Also, as long as the crappy music from the 90's ala Spin Doctors and the like, doesn't come back... I am okay with the 90's coming back. True, not as good as the 80's it had it's merits.... but I have a question. If in the 90's they had a resurgence of the late 60's hippie lifestyle and the 90's come back... will the hippy lifestyle be reflected as a 90's thing or a 60's thing? Makes you think.