Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Best Little Bit of an Update

Speedy departure

Let the Cool Goddess Rust Away

Studying on the plane.

It can be hard to study at home so I go to the new library.

Walking home from the library, past all sorts of Oak Park landmarks

This is where you get

One of these (it's not a salad, it's a hot dog)

Walking through Old Oak Park on my way home

I saw five bunnies. Four were on this lawn.

(Number Four. Anti-social bunny.)

Be it Ever so Humble

The house was packed so I shared a room with grandma at the motel.

Owen's going away party.

Spain = PiƱatas

Just cuz the head got knocked off doesn't mean the candy comes out.

(When all the family is out you can go days without taking a picture. If my mom had a blog, there'd be so many pictures of people standing around in Sunday clothes or babies sitting on laps as grown ups play video games.)

Owen leaves.

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Anonymous said...

Hey brig, you still in the OP? If so you got any time to grab a taco?