Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Best Here are Some Things About Bar Day One

Just some things.

1) There were two pigeons flying around inside the whole time.

2) I was sitting at my table, looking at my bottle of water in a thoughtful moment of distraction and thought "A great way to cheat would be to put notes on the label of my water bottle, or on the inside" but right then one of the ladies that kept an eye on us came by and told me I'd have to keep my bottle on the floor.

3) I don't usually have water bottles.

4) I don't know if I did bad or good or not but the day ended and that's what matters.

5) They gave us wristbands that we have to wear to get in. It's like the Bar is a waterpark and your second day is free.

6) During the morning part of the test there was this loud noise and I saw a whole bunch of the watcher people gathered around a desk far away from me. Maybe someone fainted.

7) If anyone wants to hang out or eat food or see movies or play video games, I'm available starting tomorrow around 5.

8) Except I want to go on my spring break that I had been putting off soon.

Me, me, me, me, me.


Two Clazzy Ladies said...


emily said...

ooohhh, good luck brigham!

Cache said...

hey brigham, congratuflations. (haha ha ha) but really, im sure it must be a relief. (unless you failed) im sure you did great. or i bet, would bet, you did--thats more honest. i might come out to ny againg in august, and you won't be studying for the bar! you should maybe get an xbox 360 to celebrate one you recieve your grood grood bar score. raise the bar! (and the roof)