Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Best Three Sights of My Memorial Day

Three Things I Saw Today Whilst in Midtown:

Spiderman 3 Being Filmed

I had read on the internet that they were shooting scenes for Spiderman 3 at 55th and 6th, so I went to check it out. I snuck in amongst the extras super-easily (I didn't even realize I was amongst the extras until they started asking me if I knew where they should be standing) for a good look at what was going on.

Things I Did NOT See at the Filming of Spiderman 3:
1) Spiderman
2) Villains
3) Allies
4) Action

Things I DID See at the Filming of Spiderman 3:
1) A rig dangling office items

2) People (2) in business clothes being tossed into the air (once).

An Aston Martin DB9

It drove by when I was watching the Spiderman stuff (after having moved from my spot with the extras)

After I had enough of the movie making, I walked up the street and there was the DB9 again, parked in front of one of those shady midtown electronics stores. Its Maryland plates said "MACRO."

The Crazy New 5th Avenue Apple Store

Perhaps you've already heard that Apple opened a giant underground 24/7/365 Apple Store that you enter through a great glass cube on 5th Avenue in front of the General Motors building (that's where FAO Schwartz is)? Well, I checked it out, and it's all true: the store is giant, it is underground, and it is entered through a great glass cube. There are enough iPods, iMacs, and MacBooks to drive you to boredom.

These three great sights all confirm one thing: New York is so Awesome.


Smash said...

I saw the Spiderman 3 filming too! But, I didn't see you.

Cindy said...

I want to go to that Apple store. It's calling to me to make a pilgrimage!