Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Best Return of the Epicly Bro'd Weekend, pt. II

You might not be prepared to hear this, but I must tell you: On Sunday, the weekend turned even more bro'd because it turns out that Brock was in town too! He was out from the OC for training in NJ, but gave me a call Saturday night to see if he could church with me on Sunday and hang out and stuff and I was like YEAH!! But get this: I knew Brock was going to call me to ask if I wanted to hang because he called Andrew for my number . . . so Andrew gave him my number, but didn't tell Brock that he was in NY as well. In fact, Andrew flat out lied and told Brock that he was at his parents' in Logan. So Brock shows up to church, we're sitting in the pews, catching up, and then Andrew sits down next to Brock and Brock was like "What?!" You should have been there!

Anyway, Andrew and I spent Saturday night putting our heads together on a Mexican dinner plan and invited Brock (naturally) and Karisa and her sister Heather (also in town visiting) over for dinner. The Holyoaks (not pictured)(yet) brought quesadillas, Andrew and I made the steak tacos and salad and this and that.

Brock handled the toasts. They were quite the toasts.

Quesadillas, salad. You get the idea.

The Conversation: Scintillating!

Dessert? Fried plantains!

Also, like desset: Candy covered sunflower seeds.

After dinner, Karisa and Heather were kind enough to do the dishes . . .

Whilst Andrew and Brock played the "baseball" game they used to play when they lived across the hall from each other. (If you were wondering how we knew this Brock character, that's how, he used to live across the hall from Andrew, and then we all lived in the OC for a while)

Then we took some Bro portraits.

Which can be a little confusing.

Then tuned down the bro-ness for the final portraits of the night.

The theme of this portrait: Crime Fighters!

Not pictured: Karisa slugging me in the gut.

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sariah said...

karisa is the best villain ever.

speaking of which, did the skull come in the mail yet?