Sunday, May 07, 2006

Best Epicly Bro'd Weekend

I don't get many opportunities to kick it with my homeboys because they all live in different places and the homeboys that I did have in New York pretty much all moved away during this last year. So Friday night I couldn't help but be excited to get to hang out with my buddy Scott Homer (who lives somewhere in Connecticut now). Scott had been in town for the day looking at medical schools and at night we had a total adventure.

You really have no idea how much Scott loves his handsfree.

After celebrating Cinco de Mayo with the worst taco I've ever eaten (and I have had dog tacos and brain tacos) we went to the Village Vanguard to see the Dave Douglas Quintet play jazz music. Sometimes maybe you forget that I'm a jazz-listening sophisticate?

This is me looking at the menu so that I fulfill my drink minimums.

But it's not like I had to look at the menu because when I go to jazz shows I drink Ginger Ale because it's the most sophisticated of the soft drinks.

This isn't Scott pretending to be mad at His ginger ale, this is Scott trying to get his ginger ale open.

After the jazz we went and caught a late showing of Mission Impossible III. Sure the newspapers are all saying that this movie bombed, but our theater was so crowded that there were actual fights between people over seats. I thought we were all going to die. We didn't. While Cassian has nothing nice to say about this movie, I mostly liked it, but this is an imitation of my brain as I'm watching MI:III: "Wait, what are they doing? And why are they doing it? Whoah, that was cool." repeat x 80. Did you see the movie? I liked the part when the helicopter rose up by the bridge and there were those soldiers in black on it, that was scary. And I liked how mean the bad guy was and how he was like: "Okay, I've just woken up on an airplane and I'm strapped to a chair by someguy that I've never seen before. Well, I better start threatening his loved ones." So mean!

Then Saturday Scott looked at more medical schools while I tried to think up some sort of way to rewrite my bounty hunter paper (the solution as of Sunday night at 11:20: It's impossible and I'm doomed), but we had lunch at Chipotle.

Sometimes I just don't care about pictures.

And here's Saturday's surprise twist (SPOILER WARNING): Patricia Young stopped by! I bet you almost forgot about her, huh? It was pretty great to see her, it had been ages.

And here's your token bro send off photo from when Scott was getting ready to head back to CT and I was getting ready to punch the side of my head more to try to get new bounty hunter ideas to pop out of it.


gian said...

What some might not know about Scott, is he has a gift for keeping a beat. He is an acomplished Jazz drummer. We used to sing Rush songs together.

JayMoo and Stephoin said...

I'm not sure why, but everyone keeps saying that this film "bombed" in the eyes of critics. But in reality, it probably only bombed in the eyes of one critic but that is all anyone read because Rotten Tomatos says nationwide it is 70% fresh. That's pretty fresh. I will see this film and enjoy.

Cindy said...

I liked the helicopter part a lot too. I also liked the part where he slid down the top of that building in Shanghai. I kept thinking, "Where did they get the baseball shooter," and then I thought, "Aaaaah, don't fall Tom Cruise!"

I also liked the part where he ran like a robot and his arms were in fast forward and how he was taller than everyone in the movie.