Tuesday, May 02, 2006


At last, the full-length Superman Returns Trailer!

It's too bad you can't tell who Superman will be fighting (besides airplanes) but something about this trailer gets pretty thrilling by the end. I'll decide about some of the corniness later. Please, Superman Returns, be an awesome movie.

In other summber blockbuster related internet news, I think the spoilery X3 clip from the Tonight Show is laughably bad and wish I didn't have to say that (especially since it features Colossus, my long-time favorite X-Men). And there's a new Pirates of the Caribbean 2 trailer on the internet, but I haven't been able to make it work on my computer. Oh, wait, I just clicked it and it does work. Give me a second to watch it . . . WOW! OH WOW! NO WAY!! NO WAY!!! Forget Superman, Dead Man's Chest is going to be the best movie of the summer. I want to see it three times Right Now!!

Also, a French version of Casino Royale (the new James Bond movie) is out there on the internet. It doesn't look so bad. But don't concern yourselves with that right now. Just watch the Pirates trailer over and over again.

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Tannerama said...

Okay so, my thoughts on the trailers.

Superman: Awesome. Awesome to the max. Kevin Spacey has the right balance of menace and cheesiness that a movie protrayal of Lex Luthor should have. The flight effects look really fun. Plus, I loved how they used the Superman music cause, I mean why mess with a good thing.

X3 clip: Um, the dialogue is really cheesy but they didn't skimp on the Colossus effects. Which is good news. But, I swear if I have to see Storm do the spinny thing more than twice in the movie I am going to be mad.

James Bond: Its in french. But it looks really good. Really violent and gritty. Definitely a departure from Roger Moore's befuddled antics. Plus, it's got the creator of free running cast a villain... so that's going to be amazing.

Pirates:I hope Disney is happy. They have ruined the Pirate genre... because no pirate movie made after these ones are going to hold a candle to frickin' Pirates of the Caribbean... sigh.