Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Best Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me.

Sunday night Karisa threw me a little party at her place because of it being my birthday and everything. When she asked me what I wanted for my party I said "chocolate cake with white frosting" and when I got to her place there it was, a big plate of chocolate cupcakes with white frosting!

And Di was like, "Ooh, you've got to try the frosting!"

So I tested the frosting a little and . . . oh man, So Good!

An intimate little gathering of partiers trickled in and soon it was time to blow out the candles.

You may recall previous boasting by me about my lung capacity, so you shouldn't be surprised to hear I blew out all of the candles like it was no big deal.

Wooo! Clapping!

It was time to try my birthday cupcake!

First, the licking off of the candle . . .

Then the first big bite!

And then I say "Deee-licious!" just as I am photographed.

Jeff also enjoyed the cupcakes.

Sariah and Orson (who came all the way from Brooklyn!!): also enjoyed cupcakes.

During the party I got to talk on the phone with: My Dad, Greg, Emily, Grandma Barnes, and Karisa's Mom & Dad and Sister Keri!

Then it was present opening time. I don't mean to show off and brag, but (among other things) I got a card from Karisa (don't worry, I didn't really read it out loud, I'm not tacky)

Karisa also hooked me up (ha!) with some pirate supplies

Di got me some sort of foot washing stuff, returned my Demetri Martin interview tape (a present in itself), and promised me a present in the mail (sure, right, whatever). Also, it all came in a fig candle box. So now I know what fig candles smell like, or at least what their boxes smell like.

Oh yeah, Karisa also gave me a poster of Warhol Polaroids.

Sariah gave me a card with the Cat on the Hat on it.

Although I can't find the picture to prove it, this wasn't the first time Karisa had dressed me up as a pirate.

Also at my party, but only appearing once in a photograph (which I believe she took herself): Lexia, the genius behind my breath-holding movie (which we watched at the party because it was a party about me!) And then she took all these next photos:

Maria and Jeff admired my treasure.

And Jeff made my camera look good.

And Hayley was there, being a little mysterious.

Orson had these super-rare, super-light Adidas Forest Hills sneakers.

Then, just when it looked like the awesome would be all run out, the Enkes stopped by with a candygram! For Me!

You know what I can't help but do when I get a candygram? Clap!

So that was the birthday party. Thanks so much to Karisa and Di for having me and to everyone who came by and to everyone else that tried to make my birthday neat and/or special! Because it was!


the darling's sister said...

1 8 oz. pkg. cream cheese, softened
1/2 cup butter, melted
1 teaspoon vanilla
3 cups powdered sugar
1 tablespoon milk

combine all ingredients, mix until smooth. pile on frosting until it resembles the tower of babel. then add some more.

Brig said...

If you people can't tell, those are driving directions to heaven.

Paul said...

happy birthday Brig. Did you know april 31st is my bro. brandon's birthday and mine is May 2nd? crazy.

Blast From Your Past said...

Hey Brig,
happy birthday!!!!

What's it been, like 10 years? Hmmm, I don't know for sure because it's hard to keep counting over such a long period of time. Anyway, it's good to see that you're still keepin' it steady on the mobbin' front.

And don't worry, if you ever need backup, I got you. The haters will always hate and the poseurs will always pose, but I know you've been there from the beginning when we all loved Snoop for nothing more than his doggy style. Keep keepin' on, B.


Brig said...

Dear Blast,

It has been a long time. Too bad I don't know who you are from your post. Can I get a clue?

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify, I only took three of those photographs.

Those cupcakes were bits of heaven in my mouth. How do you make the batter?

marshall p said...

happy birthday, brigham!

Anonymous said...

I don't know whether this will bring you joy or upset you, but:

Brig said...

Wow! That is seriously great news!
(the news is: pre-Special Edition Star Wars coming out on DVD this fall!)
I'm so glad George Lucas loves money this much!

bex said...

that cute dress di is wearing came from san francisco! hooray.

i am glad she chose a special occasion like your birthday to bust it out. second only to wearing your actual birthday suit.

bets said...

Also roommate (bex, not brig), did you notice Karisa's manicure? And how it looks so amazing still? That's the work of Dolci Beauty Lounge.

Two Clazzy Ladies said...

Happy Happy Birthay Little Arctic Muskrat! I miss you!

Jenna T

jenholmes said...

Happy Birthday Brig. Cindy was here visiting in Albania and promised to visit again with you. So when you come, bring a chocolate cake mix cuz them cupcakes look gooooooooood.