Friday, May 19, 2006

Best Return of the Epicly Bro'd Weekend, pt.III

I know, I know, you've been wondering and wondering what other adventures Andrew and I had (because it turns out he was in New York for more than just the standard weekend) but guess what? We sort of didn't have adventures after Sunday. What do I mean? Well, my DVD player broke a while ago, right? So Monday we went to Best Buy to get a new DVD player (because, you know, now DVD players cost less than repairing them) and Andrew is very persuasive, and sometimes I am easily persuaded, so I wound up buying a Playstation (2) because they play DVDs AND video games!

So, here's a picture of what the rest of the Epicly Bro'd Week looked like:

Imagine you were at a junior high sleepover for two and a half days with no one to tell you to turn the videogames off and you'll have an idea of the brutal marathon that Andrew and I were engaged in.

Actually. I lied a little about our activities. On Wednesday Andrew and I set down the controllers and got dressed up to join Mitch for lunch at the Goldman Sachs cafeteria.

Andrew was cracking her up.

I should be whatever the job is that Mitch has (sometimes it is described to me and I get confused). Because I liked her cafeteria, and I think I was very convincing to her co-workers in my power tie. Except maybe taking a bunch of pictures blew my cover?


JayMoo and Stephoin said...

Two things:

How come I can't get you to sit down for a day and a half of halo?

I lied, I only had one thing.

bex said...

that IS a power tie, if I have ever seen one.

English said...

I was heavily present at the purchase of it.

bets said...

we rocked pink that night. hard.