Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Best Repeat Vacation, pt.I

Because my last trip there was awesome (the best way to relive the last trip would just be to go to my February 2006 archive and scroll to the middle) and because I was jealous of Di and Karisa's recent trip, I went to SF last week.

Leaving the East Coast

Arriving on the West Coast

I spent my first day exploring around Betsy and Rebecca's apartment. This is me setting out:

And here are some of the various things that I saw:

Remember this TV, ok? You'll know why in a later post.

Something I hate in San Francisco is this antenna.

After my long walk I came back to Betsy and Rebecca's and watched Steel Magnolias. (I'm not kidding.) Why? Don't you remember?

That night Betsy and I discovered that a certain piece of artwork isn't unique as I had assumed.

When Karisa and Di came to SF they couldn't get into Mitchell's icecream. But me, I did. Ha!

If you know me then you know I'm not very good at ice cream cones

My hostesses: much better at ice cream cones (especially at buying them)

Then we went to a club called the Makeout Room (really)

To see Love is Chemicals, friends of Betsy and Rebecca's . . . or should I say, friends of mine?

At the show Rebecca was really brave about this glass of water

And I wouldn't let her show me up just because she has a more popular blog.

The next day Betsy and Jeffery and I went to Taylor's for ok food, because it has my middle name (and because no other restaurant would let us in).

This is the guy called Jeffery

He bought me a gelato!

Then we went to the Metreon to learn about the DaVinci Code movie, but first we hit up the PlayStation Store (as I am now a PlayStation owner)

Uhm, turns out that Jeffery and I have the same jacket?

Betsy was totally like, "Oh you guys" about the jackets.

More adventures to come!!


bex said...

this is a good first installment. i am excited to see how the rest of the blog unfolds.

i think i should point out that

a) you DO eat icecream kind of funny
b) you have to just call it "the makeout room," and not "a club called the makeout room" because it is better that way
c) that water was scary because it wasn't ours! it was just sitting on the table, and it could have been full of vodka or cooties, but it seems to just have been boring old water. we didnt even die.

ian said...

You two guys look like the Wonder Twins in one of those pictures.

English said...

Your guyses "pound" looks stronger and doper than any one of Becca and Besty's weak ass high fives.

Let it be written.

bets said...

Look Keith, go put on your pant and stop talking nonsense in the comments section of this blog.

Wondertwins? Maybe you didn't notice that Brigham likes the weird back pocket flap tucked in while Jeffery prefers his out. jk jk...they are totally twinners.

English said...

Betsy doesn't have the foggiest notion who the Wonder Twins are.

Form of Bear, I'm out.

bets said...

Dear Keith,

Don't mind me. Just turning into an ice sculpture over here.

Super Friend

Lex said...

You put more pictures of yourself on your blog than you used to. I think I know why and I think I'll tell you later.