Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Best How I'm Going to Spend My Summer Vacation

Do you remember that move In America and when the dad drags the air conditioner home? That was me bringing my bar review books home today. This photo just doesn't properly convey their massiveness or weightiness.

Anyway, today was my first day of bar-learning class. They sure tell you a lot of stuff about the law. Today was "Criminal Law" and I think I learned more black-letter stuff in those four hours than in an entire semester at NYU. Tomorrow, "Criminal Procedure", which I didn't even take in law school!

Also, yes, I've a long weekend adventure to blog about. I'm getting to that.


Cache said...

is the ps2 controller in there for scale, or does it hint to the fact that you were playing video games instead of studying?

Smash said...

I had a lawyer recently suggest that I take the bar this summer, BEFORE attending law school so that I'd have an idea of what stuff I actually needed to know. My response was: "yeah, THAT'S how I want to spend my last summer of freedom."