Sunday, May 28, 2006

Best Repeat Vacation, pt.II

The Adventures Continue!

So, on Saturday (last week, duh) I learned about El Farolito and its burritos. And one of its tacos. I liked what I learned.

Betsy, Jeff, Becca, and Grace: Already experts.

Me and Cynthia (from High School!): learning quickly (and that deserves a fist pump).

Next time: El Taco Loco, where apparently the Mexican peppers rob the white person tacos?

Wandering about downtown I came across a woman with a swan bag. Cool.

That evening it was time for a big trip to Concord to eat dinner with the relatives. I am ready for it.

Betsy is amped.

Cameron and Rebecca: Sufficiently enthused (or chill).

And here we go, crossing bridges.

The plan was to have a magnificent dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory. We met brother-in-law Cory and nephew Blake at the park across the street from the factory. (Oh, and PS, I don't mean to spoil the ending or anything, but Mission Accomplished)

Also present: Brother-in-law's brother Brady and niece Rachel.

As usual, my trip to the East Bay was motivated by a desire to make an impression on the niece and nephew's young minds.

But it's not like they don't have an influence on me themselves.

When did Rachel start using straws and plates? They grow up so fast!

"Look at me, I'm Blake, I'm Blake!"

Cameron: Bummed because he has to eat all that broccoli but, hey, he ordered it.

Pretty much the point of the Spaghetti Factory is the milk and ice cream that is part of your meal, but you have to know to ask for this stuff!

And that's where Saturday coverage ends. Here begins Sunday:

Something I didn't know about San Francisco was that every Sunday everyone dresses up in matching costumes with their friends, gets totally drunk, and marches through the city. They call it a "race" and the race is called Bay to Breakers (ample reportage on said event also available at the world's most popular blog. You know you're headed towards the Bay to Breakers when you find a group of Hulk Hogans chilling like this:

The race was a lot for a simple New Yorker like myself to take in

A popular costume this year: Frozone.

Just your typical San Francisco Sunday Morning nonsense.

Also at Bay to Breakers? THAT TV I SAW ON THURSDAY! (Remember?) Someone had adopted it and made it part of their party! Crazy!

Also in San Francisco? ANDREW WHO HAD VISITED ME THE WEEKEND BEFORE! (Remember?) Someone had adopted him and offered him a new van! Crazy!

Get it, these are after-church pictures. Not pictured: Me.

After church we sort of got hamburgers for lunch, but used 50% off coupons, so that made it half okay. I had a hotdog, which is not a hamburger.

I think there's a new tradition around here, and it's called "The Seated/Standing Goodbye Portrait".

(oh yeah, the one who isn't Andrew or Me is Micheala and I think that's how you spell her name. It sounds like "Miss-Shayla" when you say it right)

But this is just a standard goodbye handshake:

I don't mean that I was about to leave. I had another day in SF. Andrew was the one leaving. I left on Monday, which I will post about in the near future.

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