Saturday, January 15, 2005

Best Commencement of a US Invasion, I Hope

I just discovered that the video for M.I.A.'s song "Galang" is up at the iTunes music store, along with heaps of Galang remixes. I hope I never regret writing this, but I'm inclined to want to say overly-enthusiastic about M.I.A., things like "M.I.A. is someone I plan on digging for the rest of my life." I just cannot be reasonable in my praise of M.I.A., "Galang", or the video for Galang which is exactly the sort of awesome I hoped it would be. Remember back in High School where the thing to do was be like "Yeah, I liked (band name) back before they were popular, now that they're popular, I'm just not so into them . . . it's like they sold out or something." Forget that, with M.I.A. (if I dare say I was ever ahead of what bandwagon I pray developes) I hope she becomes the most popular artist in the world, from nursery schools to nursing homes around the world. SO, if you've got the iTunes on your computer, click on the "Music Videos" link and you shall easily find this video. Watch it, then either wonder what my deal is or thrill in its awesomeness.

Previous M.I.A. ranting can be found here. (Check it, she's wearing that same jogging outfit in the video.) And had I made a "Hottest Joints of 2004" list like I said I might, it would've been topped by "Toxic" (Britney Spears--seriously), "Fire" (Joe Budden), and "Galang." UPDATED: My bad, "Fire" came out in 2003, but no one heard it before the party scene in Mean Girls, right?

Whilst I'm suggesting visiting iTunes to watch music videos, may I recommend you search out "I'd Rather Dance" by Kings of Convenience (it's in there, you just have to seek it out, which is much easier if you choose to sort by Artist Name or Song Title over there on the right hand side of the screen). You will never see a more charming video. It will warm your day and spread a smile across your face, this I am certain of. And it'll give you a good idea of how I wish I could decorate my apartment.

Also Can someone explain to me in what way 50 Cent's new track "Disco Inferno" is at all different from Lloyd Banks' summer hit "On Fire"?

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