Friday, January 07, 2005

Best "Isn't This What It's All Supposed to Be About?"

Back in the early history of the internet, I believe blogs were supposed to just be sites with links to more sites. Now, blogs are like just about pictures from vacation or feelings or Top 140 lists. But, today, today Steady Mobbin' is gonna be about links to other sites. And then, after today, Steady Mobbin' is going to be about "My Top 25 Feelings I Had About My Pictures From Vacation."

The Olympic Watercube (a.k.a. "Where everyone is going to be swimming at the Beijing Olympics") might be the most awesome looking thing ever, if it winds up looking just like these drawings of what it's supposed to look like.

These dishes look cooler than the ones I got at Ikea.

A Battle of the Planets Movie? Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer? For Disney? Combining CGI and live-action elements? I won't lie, I'm down with the idea. Battle of the Planets ("G-Force" to some) was my first favorite cartoon, I've got very pleasant childhood memories of watching it wrapped in blankets fresh from the dryer in my Alhambra home. And when the internet first came into my life, about all I used it for was looking up stuff about Battle of the Planets.

Beastles, you are no Grey Album.

Fake Mormonads? Somesay best Provonian-humor since the Firearm (RIP).

A few posts ago I sent shout-outs to friendly bloggers, and I totally forgot to plug Kristen and Cory's blog. If you think Steady Mobbin' doesn't have enough pictures of my niece and nephew, then Bruises and Bragging Rights is the place for you.

Sometimes I write a word like "niece" and wonder for a second if I spelled it right, so I type it into, and that's when I find out that "niece" also means "The illegitimate daughter of an ecclesiastic who has taken a vow of celibacy." So, it's like, yeah, I have a niece, but I don't have a niece, if you know what I mean.

Hey! Hey! Did you hear about the turtle that adopted the hippo? Make sure to click on the link to see the other photos, if you want your day to be as warm and fuzzy as it can possibly get from animals without fur.

Also How tall it 5'7"? How tall is 5'8"? Is anyone reading this 5'7" or 5'8" (I'm actually interested in the difference between the two heights)? If you can say "Hey, Brigham, I'm Five-Seven" or "Hey, Brigham, I'm Five-Eight" it'd be greatly appreciated. If you know me, you know I'm always trying to imagine heights. And now that I think about it, how tall is my sister Kristen?

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Anonymous said...

this is rebecca and aside from being 5'7" i really like those plates you posted. don't be suprised if you see them on the pages of ReadyMade soon.