Monday, January 03, 2005

Best Family-Oriented Content of the Year

You know what's totally back in for 2005? Getting your Eagle Scout Award, if you're a Barnes family boy. It's like your bar mitzvah or something. Only 13 or 14 years after I got mine, my brother Owen just had his Court of Honor tonight . . . and for some reason, I think it's really, really blogworthy.

Here you'll see the Barnes family Scouts: Greg, Owen, and Me (as you can see, my mother dug up an unused Boy Scout uniform for me to wear.)

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In case you didn't notice from the picture, Owen just got his Eagle.
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And I've had my Eagle forever.
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But Greg? No Eagle. Yet. He's just a Life Scout. Ha! Just a Life!
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And here's the whole family (like I said, it was like a Barnes family Bar Mitzvah, everyone came out for it.)
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Also Perhaps you have read in a magazine at a dentist's office about how Bloggin' is the big thing these days. I suppose it is, I mean, something has to be, right? But, f'real, everyone's a stinkin' blogger these days. Mary and Emily have recently begun bloggin (If I were named Mary, my blog would be called "Mary, Mary . . . why you bloggin'? Don't get it? You must not have listened to Run DMC on their way out of style. Click.), and Sariah's been bloggin for a while now (I expect you all to know this). And, as I said before, the Mulcock boys have a site of their own, and Matt and Mike Lemmon have websites, not that they update them much or anything.

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