Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Best So-So Content I Can Provide

Not the hottest weekend I just had. Friday: M.I.A. tickets sell out as I'm buying them, my IBM laptop ("The Stepchild") murders itself during Con Law, the kind of computer death that causes people to gather around your monitor and shake their heads because definitely there is nothing that can be done, the Death from Above 1979 show also sells out before I can get my hands on tickets, Saturday I eat a horrible plate of nachos and my evening sociality consists in me trying to make the most perfect BLT possible (complete with special mayonnaise), blah blah blah, it wasn't so bad, really . . . because I'm not a regular rider of the A or C anymore, becuse then I'd really have something to complain about for the next million years.

So, I ask myself and I ask myself, do I blog about Johnny Carson dying? The answer: if I were a Grandparent blogger, I would. While I did watch his final show ever whilst babysitting for the French people across the street from my house, he was definitely before my time, to say the least. I do remember my own Grandfather remarking that he (Mr. Carson, not Dr. Taylor) wore a different suit every night. But Johnny Carson did make this joke about death, and it's fairly funny, in the old people way: "For three days after death hair and fingernails continue to grow but phone calls taper off." But I am definitely not missing Letterman tonight (not Monday night, it's a repeat) because I know it'll certainly be something else. Leno tonight? So-so. But what can you expect?

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