Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Best Batch of Brand New Bentleys

First off, too bad there aren't any synonyms for "new" that start with a "b." Nextly, check it, instead of actual content today, I've got pictures of the new Bentleys.

First up, the Continental Flying Spur, the four-door answer to the beautiful new Continental coupes that always make my jaw drop when I see them around town. 0-60 in 5 seconds? 190 mph top speed? Perhaps more beautiful than anything else in the automotive world? Word.
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And here's the "drophead" (crazy Brits with their funny words) version of the Arnage. Despite the Continental hotness, the Arnage remains the company flagship and stays all classy looking, but I dig the tweeking they've done to the headlights and look closely, the flying B hood ornament has returned. It really has the look of something you could drive to a picnic, y'know?
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As far as truly original content goes, I've been working on a post for a few days (here and there, not day and night) that I hope to finish soon. And also, like five minutes ago I got this idea for a book or a movie that'll probably be the most popular book or movie ever born.

Also The Fantastic Four trailer is up. I have to admit it looks better than I had feared, there's not much good word on this movie. It's sort of too bad that a perfect Fantastic Four movie was made this last year by Disney, it was called "The Incredibles." Someday, when I'm not about to start reading my Con Law, I'm bound to expound upon the importance of there being an awesome Fantastic Four movie.

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Riah said...

Ohohohoh! Guess what? So I was reading Jane magazine this weekend during the blizzard. And Paris Hilton was the covergirl. And in her interview she said that when the Bentley convertibles come out that the guy who owns the company told her that she could have the very first one. I think this is a good time to dust off the investigative journalism skills and find out, if, indeed, The Divine Miss H got The, Very. First. One. Cuz if she did, and if I was Beyonce, I would be so, so pissed.