Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Best Alternative to Outer-Space Thai Food

I didn't have to visit too many Thai restaurants out here (particularly those belonging to the Spice family of restaurants) to discover that the thing about New York Thai restaurants is that they're the most super-futuristic looking restaurants in the city (next to the Lever House, of course), full of neon, 2001-looking chairs and tables, reflective ceilings, and out of the ordinary bathrooms. But do you remember that old lady with the odd grown son who still lived with her and her little house full of all kitschy, miss-matched decorations that your family would take you to visit every now and then even though you weren't related to her? (in my case that would be Betty's house, if I remember correctly) Now imagine her living room, with all its beaded curtains and photos of animals and curios ordered out of the back of Parade Magazine as a thai restaurant and you're imagining the East Village's Fake Orchid, a charming home-style Thai restaurant that I noticed a few months ago and finally visited this weekend with some amigos before heading to an amiga's birthday party. Though absolutely tiny, it was a fun place and the food was plenty good and plenty cheap and the music they were playing kept the group nostalgic for 80's movies I never saw.

Here Lexia delights in her tilapia:
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Lauren, Alejandro, and Reghan don't notice they're being photographed:
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
And I munch on my chicken satay appetizer, which I got for free!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

So, yeah, it was fun and stuff.

Wait a Second I've forgotten to keep you abreast of my most recent celebrity sightings: A week ago I saw Peter Dinklage and a ladyfriend walking down 6th Avenue, Saturday night I saw Elvis Costello in my building for the first time in a while (he was carrying a poinsettia) and a little bit after that I saw Danny Glover in Soho. So I'm doing pretty well these days, but, as usual, I'm mostly just spotting older dudes.

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