Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Best Inexplicable Internet Phenomenon of the Day

I cannot explain how this happened, but The Firearm has reappeared on the internet. The Firearm would be the thing, I suppose it was like a newsletter or something, that Andrew and I made during my last year at BYU. I'm still proud of it. Several of the issues, they are filled with brilliance. Again, I don't know how The Firearm dot Com as returned to the interweb, but it has, and if you're a fan of Steady Mobbin', you should check this thing out.

PS No, there was never a Firearm book.


laura said...

brigham this news makes me so happy. i love reading the firearm and i haven't had any good make a brigham voice material in such a long time.

Ryan said...

Excellent. I grabbed all the issues and safely squirreled them away on my laptop.

Care to point us to anything else you have written which is available online? Your old i-drive was a handy idea.