Friday, January 28, 2005

Best Unexpected Bit of News

Mormons, in general, went crazy when they found out that Gladys Knight had really, really joined the church. Today I went crazy when I found out that Arthur Kane, former bassist for the New York Dolls, has belonged to the church for years. This fact had to be pointed out to me by my dad in the shape of this newspaper article about a new documentary about Mr., I mean, "Brother" Kane that premiered at Sundance. So I'm feeling pretty good that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints can now claim an R&B Legend and a Father of Punk Rock among the ranks.

If you need the reminder, the New York Dolls were just about the number one highlight of the magnificent madness that was the Little Steven Underground Garage Festival I caught back in August. Click here and scroll way down to take in my take on their performance . . . I have absolutely no idea if Kane was with the group when they performed. . . Update okay, now that I have actually read the whole article on Kane I'm guessing he definitely was in the show. . . Update No, no, now that I have really, really read the whole article I'm thinking Kane was dead by the time I saw the Dolls. Oh well. Sounds like a good movie.

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P said...

I got the same article sent to me. By my dad.