Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Best Tuesday Night Miscellany

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First of All New Yorkers, did you noticed that someone tagged-up our city with the word "Utah" over the summer? I've seen "Utah" on Bowery (or was it 2nd Ave?) near Houston?, where I took this photo. And I saw "Utah" somewhere in Soho very close to Canal street, and I saw it (multiple times on one building) in midtown on 2nd Avenue near the tunnel, I even saw it in the background of the Beastie Boys' "Check It Out" video the one time I watched it all the way through. So, who could this Utah be? Why did he choose Utah as his moniker? And most of all, I know Utah, so is it possible I could know Utah? Pro'ly not.

Next of All You know how some people refer to horse races as "the ponies"? Like, "Stan's down at the ponies" or "Do you like the ponies, Stan?" What if people referred to dog races as "the puppies"? Like, "Stan's down at the puppies" or "Do you like the puppies, Stan?" Just a question.

Last of All Not the best manners in the world to be posting personal emails I've received, but my buddy Jeff, the Columbia Lion and Sullivan and Cromwell Associate-to-Be sent me this message after getting home from the Pixies tonight:

they were too good I couldn't handle it.  every song I love was played. except I really, really really would have liked to hear"dig for fire" but I guess 90 minutes only lasts so long.

how rockin was tame?


Pixies concerts. Officially the Official Respite of Takers of Law School Finals.


Cindy said...

I don't think "the puppies" would be the proper term for it. Ponies aren't baby horses, they are just a different type of horse, like a midget horse. Maybe referring to it as "the poodles" or "the shits" (as in shitzu) would be better. (Please excuse the foul language)

Brig said...

Clearly what we're dealing with here is someone who knows FAR too much about horses and dogs. Creepy.