Friday, December 17, 2004

Best Home for a Billionaire?

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In a certain sense, the interweb is all abuzz this morning over the announcement that Rupert Murdoch is buying Laurence A. Rockefeller's triplex penthouse at 834 Fifth Avenue. Murdoch is paying $44 million dollars for the 20 room, 8,000 square foot residence, which breaks the city record for "most ever paid for an apartment" (the previous record: $42.25 million for two condos made into one at the Time Warner Center by David Martinez, a Mexican-British finance person.)

But is Murdoch's crib-to-be the most expensive residence on the market in New York? Hardly. Consider the $77 million "Penthouse at the Pierre" on 5th Avenue. Like Ozymandias said, "Look on My Works, ye Mighty, and despair!"

Also, there were Elizabeth Johnson's three floors at the Trump International--5 units that she combined into one, decided she didn't want to live in, and then tried to sell for $62.3 million. But that didn't go so well, so they were divided up again into multiple units with an aggregate price of $66 million.

The NY Observer had a good article when the Rockefeller/Murdoch apartment went on sale.

Brown Harris Stevens (the same company that's selling the Penthouse at the Pierre) brokered the Rockefeller/Murdoch apartment, but there's no listing for it on their site.

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Being a millionaire never, ever seemed so great as it does now. Wow.