Saturday, December 25, 2004

Best Kept Little Secret on the Internet

Merry Christmas, Mom and Dad! Guess what? I've been bloggin' for the past seven months, and, if Kristen and Cory really can keep a secret (and I don't really know where I really stand on that possibility, I'm just so clever, I can imagine Kristen slipping up during a moment of weakness), you aren't finding out about it until right now. While I'm sure you'd probably like to read through this whole magical site full of secrets right away, let me just warn you: if you dig too deep, many of the great surprises I've got planned for your visit to New York will be ruined. So I urge you, hold back, explore no deeper than October. Three months worth of stuff, that's still a lot to get to see.

And to my regular readers: Yes. I really hadn't told my folks about Steady Mobbin' until now. Yes, I am that awful.

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Anonymous said...

I think i saw a really great movie my sr. year of high school (1997) called kicking and screaming. can they do that?