Sunday, December 05, 2004

Best Subway Portrait

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Tonight, as I rode the 1 home from up by Lincoln Center, I found myself being the subject of some subway portraiture by a gentleman by the name of . . . well, judging from his signature, "B Owe"? "Bowe" maybe? I think he did a fine job of capturing my typical subway riding smugness and now my walls are one piece of art richer than before. Also, this is the picture of me that will be on the inside of the hardcover book that I write. Now that I think about it, the portrait sort of looks like me crossed with the Gerber Baby or something.

Want a bigger, closer look? Click!

Amazing Discovery! The McDonalds at 40th and Madison has $1 Double Cheeseburgers! They're $1.50-$1.80 everywhere else in the city. Also, I am told that they have $1 Hotcakes. Which is great, I guess.

Well Finals are upon me again. This seems to happen every four months, but after this round I'm halfway done with law school. Anyway, I'd like to imagine that I'll be so consumed by studying that I won't be bloggin' much, but I imagine my impending excessive hitting of the books will fill my head with ideas for content. Still, I'm under a lockdown of sorts until the 21st. Any donations of food, compassion, conversation, or FedCrim notes will be greatly appreciated.

Also Was anyone around the time I used the word "hagiography"? I remember saying it recently, but I can't remember the place or the context . . . I think I was talking about hagiographies. With hagiographers?

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Anonymous said...

It was with me, Sariah, that you brought up Hagiographies. The context was that it is a cool word. And as a cool friend, you wanted to share it with me.