Thursday, December 09, 2004

Best Setting of the Bar for Crazy

So, here's the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory trailer. Tim Burton and Johnny Depp are clearly out to prove that they can still do weird. And how. From now on, instead of asking people "Are you on crack?", I'm going to ask them "Are you the Willy Wonka trailer?"

I didn't mean to set out on always posting Willy Wonka news, it just sort of happened.

And Here's something almost as disturbing: I was home for a minute this afternoon and caught a bit . . . okay, almost all of this new show (or maybe its a one-shot?) called "John Mayer Has a TV Show." First off, John Mayer? Probably the musician I'd least like to be listening to ever, but we all know he has a tiny bit of cred because he did that one skit about white people dancing with Dave Chapelle, right? Well, if there's a white version of Chapelle's Show, it might be John Mayer Has a TV Show. Seriously, and I know I sound stupid saying that. But it was full of good jokes, like John Mayer taking Trick Daddy to Nashville to get into country music, or John Mayer wearing a bear suit making fun of "John Myer" fans in the parking lot before one of his shows, or John Mayer rounding up some teenage fans for a focus group to rework his image. Uhm, I guess you sort of had to be there. Here's a description of the show from the VH1 website. Nothing I read on it seemed to have any relation to what I saw on TV this afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

As I don't have cable and that severely cuts the chance that I will be able to test Brigham's claim of John Mayer's cleverness for myself, i can attest that Mr. Mayer writes a hilarious column every month for Esquire. Seriously, I almost skipped it when it was first published, but man am I ever glad I didn't.