Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Best Short Little List of Complaints

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1) If you use Hotmail, and usually get emails from me, guess what? I've been getting all these emails telling me that stupid Hotmail doesn't want to accept my emails. So it's not like I hate you, it's like Hotmail hates me.

2) Looks like I have to re-install Windows on my PC tomorrow. Because I have a test to take Friday morning. And I'll need that my computer works by then. I've been backing that cursed thing up all night. No wonder I named it "the Stepchild."

3) They were filming a new TV show, "Jonny Zero", by school on 3rd Street. I'd be upset that I didn't have my camera with me, but it didn't look so cool.

4) My jeans are full of holes. They're just falling apart. Now I need another pair of jeans . . . again. And jeans are expensive in this town.

5) There was this weirdo standing in front of me in line at Kentucky Fried Chicken today and it took forever for him to order. Usually, if something goes wrong at Kentucky Fried Chicken, they give me an extra biscuit. I didn't get one tonight. And that's the complaint, because the guy that took forever to order was weird, but funny.

6) Phase One of my Totally Awesome Christmas Present for Everyone has been completed, and it is a success. This is not a complaint, in fact, it is the opposite of a complaint. Because I want to end on a high note. And believe me, should you get to partake in the Totally Awesome Christmas Present for Everyone, the note is very, very high.

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