Monday, December 13, 2004

Best Monday Morning Journal Entry

I'm just a few hours from taking my Corporations final. You know you're in a weird spot when you're thinking "I can't wait to get this Corporations final out of the way, because then I get to study for Evidence, and I bet that'll be really fun." Also, a good reason for me to be looking forward to this test being done is that tonight I'm going to see the Pixies. I've barely been able to think about this concert since finals started, but I imagine that, had I been thinking about it, I'd be pretty excited. But, instead, I've been studying and haven't even been reviewing my Pixies CDs, as I should . . . I mean, I've been memorizing the details of the Williams Act when I should be making sure I've got the words to "Monkey Gone to Heaven" memorized. Oh well. I'm just glad I remembered I had tickets for the show (I bought them back in August, afterall). Last Monday I had tickets to see Bill Clinton here at school and completely, totally forgot to go. I was walking down the street and saw all these big, black Suburbans and baricades and I'm all "Hmm, looks like someone important is at the Kimmel Center . . . I wonder who?" And then it occurred to me. And then I slapped my forehead really hard.

In about 8 days you won't have to hear me talking about finals anymore. I know. It's been rough for all of us.

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