Saturday, September 04, 2004

The Pretty Returns

More or less. I just put up four new galleries at Shutterfly, and they're okay. Here's what you'll see:

Way Back in February Photos from way back in February when Broek came to town. These pictures are older than Steady Mobbin itself!
Flux Factory A few weekends ago I went and checked out my friend Helen's show at the artist commune where she lives, the Flux Factory in Queens.
Utah Some pictures from my trip to Utah at the end of July. I pretty much took no photos on this trip, and, because of this, no one in New York knows what Mary Cox looks like now.
Just Photos A tiny gallery of miscellaneous shots, several of which are of the good people who moved me into my new apartment. Oh, and me wearing stripes on stripes before catching the jazz.

I gotsta figure out how to get pictures up on this page or it will always be the ugliest thing there is.

Oh yeah, to see the photos (if you haven't done this for a while) log in with my email and the password is "photos", or maybe "pictures", I forget.

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