Monday, September 20, 2004

Best Hidden Sickness Post

Congratulations, either you discovered my shingles pictures on your own or you clicked a link to get here. Either way, these are pictures of me while I had shingles and was acting like such a big baby asking you to help me out and stuff.


Two Clazzy Ladies said...

BRIGHAM!!! I am so glad you are better. That looked painful pal.


Cache said...

that is so awesome. I'm serious, that was the best post i have ever seen. i kept thinking oh man that one is good, and then, oh man! that one is the best. so much better than all those "guy takes picture of himself everyday for a year" videos on youtube

emily said...

oh brigham, sweetie!! that's really awful. just awful. wow. plaguelike. did you wear a bell around your neck?

Matt Lemmon said...

You have the worst luck with diseases. I have the worst luck with mono and car accidents. I am always surprised by how much we have in common, and yet how unique our experiences are. Glad to know you're doing better now. Looking forward to hanging out when I reach NYC.